AZ Stop Smoking Program

Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking Cigarettes, Vaping, Cigars,
Weed & Chewing Tobacco

Quit Smoking / Vaping without Cravings
or withdrawl in 2 Office or Zoom sessions
Or Quit in 1 3-Hour Session
Our Special Online Program gets You Prepared to Think Smoke-Free
We have a 95% Quit Rate or Better!
  •   Better Sex
  •   Save Money
  •   Improve Your Health
  •   Reduce Anxiety
  •   End the Rituals
  •   Taste Your Food
  •   Smoke-free Smell
  •   Improve Heart Health
  •   Athletic Performance
  •   Better Time Management

Smoking Cessation
Information Sheet

For several years I've had the privilege to help
a number of clients quit smoking, vaping, weed, cigars and chew.
My quit rate is about 95% or better.
But I've also never wanted to leave anyone behind.

Scottsdale Hypnosis now offers online sessions and training
to prepare and support our clients for their new smoke-free lifestyle.

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